Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Generic Fashion research on GRUNGE subculture.

Grunge style make ups from 2010 catwalks.
Makeup artist Tom Pecheux in the collection of Peter Som described the sight as «Upper East Side meets Woodstock» and turned a subtle gold shimmer on eyes and controversial purple lips. Sand and dreary grunge style has never looked so attractive.

Grunge was never a fashionable trend in the full sense of the word. All that with which most designers associate this style today: plaid shirts, leather jackets, baggy sweaters, faded T-shirts and layering of clothes - just a cursory look at the elements of the subculture that originated in Seattle in the late eighties.

Marc Jacobs - one of the few who have carried this style through the years of his work: he exploits the individual components of grunge in his line Marc by Marc Jacobs from     beginning of its foundation. In the main line of Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, where designer since 1997, the bulk of sweaters and shoes a little rough: if the young audience all this time was ready to play Kurt Cobain or Eddie Weder (frontman of Pearl Jam), is more demanding public, buys suitcases monogrammed LV, hardly

The fashion for grunge in the last twenty years one way or another manifested in the collections of many designers. But, just as in music, attempts to revive the style in vogue after the triumph of Marc Jacobs, so useless and failed. None of the designers of the emergence of this style can be discerned from the collection to collection, and the general mood on the runways, except for some flashes and did not happen.

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