Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Interview with Schwarzkopf Professional master of technical knowledge and Art Director in Baltic States and Eastern Europe – VIKTORIJA AMELINA.

 A: Hi Vicky how are you today? It looks like I’d be better to have an appointment to speak with you.

V: No worries, I’m always happy to see my students.

A: Vicky,  can you please tell me have “schwarzkopf professional”  been presenting Grungy style hairstyles ?

V: Yes  we did.  It was like a little teaching seminar for all the hairdressers and stylists of the company several years ago. We were representing  three different looks of Grunge hairstyles.

A: That sounds great can you please tell me about each look you were representing and it would be great if you can recommend to our readers how they can make and keep that kind of hairstyle?

V: Yes of course. The first one was  called “ThE UnWaSHed” look ,the unwashed grunge style is arguably the easiest to create. However, if you do in fact like to shower and wash your hair daily, you may need synthetic hair products to make your hair look more unwashed than it truly is. If you don’t want to wash your hair daily, simply leaving your hair unwashed for a few days at a time so that it lays stringy on your head. You may find that you’ll need to build up your resistance to washing your hair over a few days at a time. If you still wish to wash your hair daily, purchase a styling pomade from our “OSIS +” collection  to run through your hair to make it look more unkempt and unwashed. After a shower, dry your hair as normal and use your fingers to work the pomade into the roots of your hair to make your hair look dirtier. Don’t use too much, as it will make your hair feel greasy; a finger amount is plenty.

A: Sounds very nice and easy to create.

V: Yes that’s true and believe me sometimes it’s look much better than fresh washed and styled POP look.

A: So that was the second style you were representing?

V:  The second one was called “UrbaN DREaDS”. We were representing this look 3 years ago but I can tell you what Urban dreads are still popular on the grunge rock scene today. It is most likely because it is a maintenance-free hairstyle. Once the dreads are placed, you rarely need to wash or style your hair until the dreads come out. True dreads are made with beeswax and should be done by a professional hairdresser who has had experience in placing dreads.

A: Is it possible to make dreads at home by myself? As I know grungers are not likely to spent much money, even their fashion looks not very expensive.

V: Yeah you can make your own temporary dreads at home by using a styling wax the best one is “OSIS +” with 3 level of control. Working with dry hair, use your fingers to apply wax to a sectioned off piece of hair that is about an inch in width. Apply the wax to the top and then use it to twirl the hair down as you spread the wax along the section. Secure at the bottom by pinching, and you’ll have dreads that will last all day or night, until you’re ready to wash them out.

V: And the  third one we done was “ShavED” look. This look are more popular among grunge girls. With this hairstyle, girls shave only a section of their hair. It could be a half of their head or the section underneath their hair so that the shaved portion is only visible when the hair is pulled into a ponytail. Of course, this is not a short-term hairstyle; rather, it is a drastic change. If this is the hairstyle for you, ask your hairstylist for a shaved or buzzed cut in an area that you specify. If you have a more corporate job you may want to shave a section that is not visible when your hair is down. Of course, if you want to truly express yourself, shave another area of the head, like the left side or the space above the ear for a true grunge look.

A: Thank you very much for finding time to speak with me about Grunge hairstyles. I Hope it will be interesting and useful for our readers. Thank you one more time. Bye.


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